Bear Hunts

Spring & Fall

Another Successful Bear HuntThe Spring Season opens on May 1st and ends on June 15th.  Spring season the Bears are coming out of their Dens, usually in April.  The first while they will feed on grass and vegetation as they try to get their body back in regular shape.  After that they look for protein and substance to help with bringing back their muscle and fat.

The Fall season opens on August 15 and by this time we have been feeding the Bears for a few weeks. We only hunt until the end of September. Then we start getting ready for the Moose and Deer hunts.

We lease approximately 80,000 acres for the use of our bear hunters, and only our bear hunters. No other outfitters or private hunters are allowed to hunt these areas. This acreage consists of two areas. One is the primitive weapons area, designated so by the government, and is for Muzzleloader and Archery only. The second area can be used for either High Power or Primitive weapons so a party can hunt together using either system.

The Provincial Primitive weapons Area consists of the Aluneau peninsula which is only accessible by boat or plane. We have a tent camp set up in this area and persons hunting this area usually stay there. The closest point of the primitive area is about 5 miles from the Main Camp and the Bear camp is 6 miles. The Aluneau covers about 500 sq Miles. The travel to and from the baits is by boat and motor. You are usually following the shoreline from the camp to the various baits. On this hunt we also provide a lake Navigation Map along with the topo Map.

The High Power/Primitive area starts about 6 miles from Camp and this area is accessible by vehicle. Some of our guests use ATV’s to access the bait sites and others access the sites via vehicle (Truck or SUV).

Many of our bait sites are located on old logging roads and these are gradually growing in and eventually these sites will only be accessed with ATV’s. At present there are sites that most people wouldn’t want to drive their trucks to and then access these via ATV’s. If you have an ATV, it’s best to bring it. You can get around much faster and it makes it much easier on your larger vehicle.

We can give you a completely guided hunt (call for pricing), but our normal hunt is set up so that you are involved in the whole hunt and not just assigned a stand and told when to go and when to come back. We have found that the majority of the hunters want to participate in all facets of the hunt. When you arrive, we get you situated in your cabin, complete the paperwork, and then we get serious. We go over the maps with you and show you the area that you will be hunting and the location of the stands. You will have one stand per person to hunt, with a few spares to monitor and have as an option to hunt.

Hunter with Bear in the Woods

On the day that we take you out to show you the stands, we do not bait until you are there with us. This way you can see the stands, watch the procedures that we use when we bait. We can also show you some of the characteristics of the bait and answer any questions that you have. Once we have finished you can then decide who is going to hunt each bait. We do not assign specific bait sites as each person looks at a stand a different way and what looks good to you may not appeal to someone else.

When you are comfortable with the sites and procedures, you are then responsible for those sites. We provide the bait and we are at the Lodge to answer any questions, go over any problems, and if necessary we will work on the baits with you if there is a problem. Usually the hunters stop in each day and go over what happened the night before and we can then give you suggestions or what ever assistance you need.

For Archery hunters we suggest that if you have a favorite stand that you bring it if you have room. We do have some permanent Archery stands up, but we have found over the years that it is just about impossible to position a permanent stand in the exact position that a Bow hunter needs based on left or right hand, stance, and etc. We do have climbers and loc-ons here, but if you have room, bring one.

We do have an outpost Tent Camp in both the Primitive Weapons and the High Power Areas. These are Tent Cabins and the first camp, Knickerbocker is located at the site of an old logging camp. There are wood floors and side walls. The second Primitive Weapons Camp is located on the Hayter Peninsula and the High Power is on Dirty Water Lake. The Hayter is accessed by boat and Dirty Water is via Pickup, ATV’s and then boat. The baits in both of these areas are accessed via boat. There is also good fishing available at both sites with Duck, Goose, and Grouse hunting in the Fall.  AT CURRENT TIME WE ARE NOT RUNNING OUR OUTPOST HUNTS

With our Main Camp Bear Hunts we provide:

  • Housekeeping cottage
  • Ontario Outdoors card, export permits and Black Bear Hunting License
  • Personal Familiarization with the bait sites
  • Personal assistance as needed
  • Bait as needed
  • At minimum, 1 working stand per hunter
  • Skinning and Processing
  • 1 Guide per group to help with baiting, stand placement, and all hunt aspects.
  • Walk-In cooler for Meat storage

For more information or to book a cottage call 807-226-5646