Make Crawford’s Camp your home base for your next hunting vacation. We offer a wide variety of options including bear, deer, duck and partridge as well as timber wolf hunting.

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The Fall season opens on August 15 and by this time we have been feeding the Bears for a few weeks. We only hunt until the end of September. Then we start getting ready for the Moose and Deer hunts.

We lease approximately 80,000 acres for the use of our bear hunters, and only our bear hunters. No other outfitters or private hunters are allowed to hunt these areas. This acreage consists of two areas. One is the primitive weapons area, designated so by the government, and is for Muzzleloader and Archery only. The second area can be used for either High Power or Primitive weapons so a party can hunt together using either system.

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Guest After Successful Bear Hunt
Hunter with Huge Deer Buck


Deer season opens the Saturday closest to the 8th of October. We can provide you with some excellent Guided Deer hunts out on the Islands that can get you an excellent hunting experience. This can also include fishing and Duck hunting. Contact us for pricing.

Much of our deer hunting is done on old logging roads, Powerlines, clearcuts, island drives and ridge lines. Many of our hunters are return hunters, but it is not too hard to find a good area to hunt if you are new to the land.

Ducks & Partridge

The Season for Ducks (waterfowl) and Partridge opens September 15th. We have a large flyway that runs through Lake of the Woods and allows for great evening and morning shoots. Day time you can find some great Grouse hunting on many of the old logging roads in the area. Most of the Duck hunting is done by Boat, but there is some accessible by truck and canoe.

Hunters After a Duck Hunt
Timber Wolf Hunt

Timber Wolf

For those that are interested in Timberwolf hunts, the season is from September 15th to April 1st of the following year. The majority of our hunts are done in the winter but there is a large success rate in the Fall time during deer season as well. The limit for Timberwolves is two, but you must obtain a small game license, and a wolf game seal. If you are successful on taking your trophy then an export permit and Cites permit will be needed to transport it home. Our hunts are done from Pop-up blinds and over bait. We advise you to bring warm extremely warm clothes as the temperatures can be very cold and you can be sitting for hours.

Additional Hunting Information:


If you are contemplating a hunting trip in Ontario there are a few regulations that are pretty much standard. Here are a few of those that you should be aware of before you come up:

  • All hunters must be wearing 400 sq. inches of hunter orange above the waist and it must be visible from all sides. Orange headgear is also required. (VEST AND HAT)
  • Before you can purchase a “Hunting License” in Ontario, you must have a “firearm hunting license” from your state of Residence, an Ontario hunting license, or a Hunting safety certificate in your possession when applying for your Ontario license.
  • A non-resident must be 16 years of age to purchase Hunting License in Ontario. You cannot bring in Revolvers, Pistols, or Fully Automatic Firearms into Canada.
  • Starting in the year 2001, you must either have a Canadian “possession & Acquisition License” or apply for a Non-resident Firearm declaration form to bring a Firearm in to Canada. You are allowed 200 rounds per hunter for ammo.
  • Shotguns must be plugged to hold 3 rounds and no rifle clips in your possession can hold more than 5 rounds.
  • All Firearms must be totally in case while in transit. This includes in boats, ATV’s, snowmobiles and on major roadways. The firearm must be totally unloaded and the shells kept separate from the firearm. Firearms must be securely enclosed in a manner whereby they are not readily accessible.
  • Helmets are also required for all ATV and snowmobile travel.
  • This does not cover all of the regulations pertaining to entering Canada, but these are tips that may make your trip easier.
  • When hunting watch for areas where logging is currently going on. They are normally posted as “No hunting and No firearms allowed”, cased or uncased are not even allowed in the area!
  • A $350 non-refundable Deposit is required upon making the Reservation. Black Bear, Whitetail Deer and Timberwolf hunts require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

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